This necklace will quickly become the key to your heart!

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From Lova: "I recently moved to London and found out that there are so many beautiful colors and finishes of paint here. I just can't stop painting things. Soon my whole room will be matte painted in beautiful pastels from Farrow and Ball, like this shade called Blue Ground. I also love the Cinder Rose, and the Middleton Pink and the Eating Room Red and… You get it, all of them. I found the key at Brimfield Market when I was there with Sweet Paul, it was metal, now it's matte pastel and with a silk ribbon it became my new necklace."


You will need:

A beautiful old key - these are so easy to find at junk shops and flea markets or on Etsy.

Silk Ribbon

Matte paint in your favorite color


  1. Make sure your key is clean and dry.
  2. Paint one or two coats onto the key.
  3. Allow to dry completely.
  4. Thread a silk ribbon through the top of the key and it's ready to wear!


Matte paint in pastel colors are a new-found favorite for me!

Photography by Susanna Blavarg

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