Shibori is the amazing art of indigo dyeing while covering some pieces of the cloth that will stay white.

The earliest known piece of Shibori fabric was made in the 7th century in Japan. By binding, or pressing pieces of wood together over folded cloth, you will get different patterns. If you make it with real indigo dye, you will enjoy an amazing process when the green dye oxidizes in the air and turns deep blue.

This craft is from my Summer 2015 issue!



You will need:

Natural fiber fabric like silk, cotton, or linen

Shibori supplies - I bought a Jacquard Indigo Tie Dye Kit from Amazon

  1. Cut out a piece of cotton large enough to make your pillow cover.
  2. Fold the fabric like an accordion. The folds should be a bit farther apart than the size of the wooden pieces you are going to use. Fold it like an accordion in the other direction as well, but this time not like squares, but like triangles.
  3. Sandwich the folded fabric between 2 triangular pieces of wood.
  4. Tie it all tightly together with strings or rubber bands.
  5. Dye in indigo.
  6. Let dry, iron, and sew a simple cover for your pillow.


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